there's no penguins in alaska

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i went to the american dream tour on march 28th, and i caught aaron pauley's pick, recieved both bmth & om&m setlists and thats pretty much all that matters in life tbh

22. Tried to commit suicide? Fortunately, no. I’ve been close to the “need” to, but I’m past that. 

23. The last time you felt broken? Love wise….. with Tyler even though I’m happy he’s not in my life. Oh, better one. Here we go. When my “”best friend”” made everyone on twitter spam me tons of hate!!!!! That was when I was on the verge of committing. She’s not in my life anymore :-) #donewithyourbullshit


T- 5 things I love unconditionally: concerts, true friends, food, bands and shoes.

V - 3 big dreams: 1. Become either a professional photographer, chef or a veterinarian. 2. Be happy. 3. Change the world in some way.

W - An idol: I have tons of them. From Austin Carlile, to Adam Elmakias, and even to Chuck Hughes :)

X - If I’ve done something I regret very much: date that man whore tyler dickerson haahahhahaha his last name says what he is hahahahahaha a dick hahahahahaha